Foundations of Financial Economics: 2019-2020


Instructor: Paulo Brito
Schedule: Fridays (between February 21st and May 22nd) 18h-21h
Room: 118 (F1)
Office hours: Fridays (between February 21st and May 22nd) 11-12h (upon confirmation).
Assessment: written exam


This is an introductory course on general equilibrium asset pricing theory.

It aims to provide foundations about:

Introductory results on the tools needed (v.g., calculus, optimization, probability) will be provided along the way.


  1. Introduction
  2. Basic utility theory
  3. Two-period deterministic general equilibrium (DGE) and asset pricing:
  4. Contingent goods and choice under uncertainty
  5. Two period stochastic general equilibrium (SGE) in exchange Arrow-Debreu economies:
    1. Introduction
    2. Exchange Arrow-Debreu economies
  6. Two period stochastic general equilibrium (SGE) and asset pricing in exchange finance economies:
    1. Financial markets and the arbitrage pricing theory
    2. DGSE for a finance economy
  7. Two period SGE models: extensions
    1. Production economies
    2. Heterogeneous-agent economies
    3. Financial frictions: Limited participation ; Moral hazard
  8. Multi-period period DSGE:
    1. Introduction to stochastic processes
    2. Finance economies



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